The Visitors, Diana Lowenstein Fine Art, Miami

The Visitors or a proposal of social dislocation.   This new work explores the otherness of social groupings of objects and relationships between them. The uncanny quality points to human presence, even while underlining the absence of the same. The light characterizes the focus of social gathering places Isolated from their natural habitat of the […]


Getting up some time after midnight to collect the scattered brands together, while my companions were sound asleep, I observed, partly in the fire, which had ceased to blaze, a perfectly regular elliptical ring of light, about five inches in its shortest diameter, six or seven in its longer, and from one eighth to one […]

Small Islands of Legend, Space Station Sixtyfive

‘No man is an island / Entire of itself’ (John Donne, ‘Meditation XVII’) Small Islands allows its viewers a pathway through a small but tall gallery space, distracting and attracting them on one wall with a colony of luminous jellyfish, lights made of glass jelly-molds and lemon-juice squeezers, and on their other side with a […]

Pleonasmos, DeptfordX

Pleonasmos is an illuminated floor installation in the galleries of St Pauls church, Deptford. Last Autumn I cut through a shortcut beside St Paul’s church on Deptford High St and was curious to see inside having stumbled upon the impressive exterior. I was invited in by a member of the church who talked to me […]