The Visitors, Diana Lowenstein Fine Art, Miami

The Visitors or a proposal of social dislocation.


This new work explores the otherness of social groupings of objects and relationships between them.

The uncanny quality points to human presence, even while underlining the absence of the same. The light characterizes the focus of social gathering places Isolated from their natural habitat of the original installation location of regenerated shopping mall to a white space. The hanging forms, lantern like in-situ, become more brooding even foreboding, Viewing the social interactions & deportment of the forms becomes more forensic; rather than being about their business they are intensified when relocated to a place of perusal rather than pursuing their object ‘lives’.


The home interior’s visual language is used to explore social relationships in a particular way. Transposing this intimate visual language far from home into unfamiliar territory turns the whole idea of Freud’s heimlich inside out and throws up a mixture of a sense of wonder and anxiety.


Personal interior space is not to be taken for granted, It has become a locale where speculation has made the stakes so high that our own habitat has become a commodity to be speculated and traded on.

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