Feel Good Give Away at the Chutney Spa

Invoking the spirit of the ancient Camberwell Fair and its promise of ‘Rare doings in Camberwell’, the Chutney Preserves artist collective open a one day health and beauty spa on Camberwell Green. Offering humorous range of surreal and exclusive artist created treatments to the public. the Chutney Preserves promise to deliver ‘beyond alternative care’ to […]

Dreaming Awake

8 artists probe the liminal state between reality and dreams where the imagination is held as if suspended .¬†Visual connections are made through painting, collage, installation, film,¬†ritual,¬†photography, sculpture and drawing, with Jacquie Brown, Leonie Cronin, Rebecca Fortnum, Nicky Hirst, Laura Moreton-Griffiths, Lucy Soni, Charlotte Squire and Kim Thornton. The architectural atmosphere and history of this […]