Charlotte Squire is a visual artist based in London and SW England.
Her practice is a subjective exploration of class, cultural difference and materiality.

My process is one of collecting, selecting & reusing mundane objects and materials that have been put to one side or discarded. I am particularly interested in the poetry of the ordinary object & its syntax. It is possible to transform the ordinary into something wonderful that belies and transcends its origin. This is a mix-up process of assemblage – the constructed objects becoming, by their inherent pre-use, their own self portrait. Grouping them gives a sense of social placement and internal history that is both self contained and reflexive yet open ended as a social encounter
I am interested in the site as an observation point; the place is static in time, people come & go over time, small dramas & encounters occur, changing tastes & and cultures evolve and unfold.

The site & work are symbiotic, the work is not separate from the space, but inhabits it. Squire looks for urban spaces that enrich and describe the city’s history as a site for living, telling rich visual tales of lives of London people. She has used derelict & vacated sites for many installations, and has work commissoned for regeneration projects including a permanent installation in Brixton, London