Small Islands of Legend #3

wood, glass, mirror, ornaments and hand tools, electrics, lino

Space Station Sixty-Five London SE11 4PS

(John Donne, ‘Meditation XVII’)

Small Islands allows its viewers a pathway through a small but tall gallery space, distracting and attracting them on one wall with a colony of luminous jellyfish, lights made of glass jelly-moulds and lemon-juice squeezers, and on their other side with a group of wooden boxes, nicely turned out in their furniture legs and personalised with various objects. With its wall lights and lots of warmly wooden furniture, the space is like an improvised living room. Its cosy clutter and gentle lighting is, however, dissipated, lost in space, as the disproportionately high ceiling and windows lift the lid on the room, opening it out into a little world. Our path through the space is like a strand, from which we discover strange objects from a watery world, jelly-fish and drift-wood creatures, which seem to have tumbled off some Ship of Fools in an obscure time and place. .. read complete essay

Charlotte Squire Charlotte Squire