commission for DeptfordX at St Pauls church Deptford

glass, mirrors, wire, sugared lace, led lights.

This site specific work is an installation that reorganizes and reproposes the elements of St Paul’s Baroque decoration, in particular the highly ornate plasterwork, using everyday objects & illumination.

Anglo-catholicism uses a style of presentation & ritual in which repetition & reiteration are part of the communication of faith. Repetition and duplication are a means of disseminating information. The installation takes the form of a processional, a part of the service where the congregation rise and circle the church interior during the singing of the first hymn lead by the priest.

The title Pleonasmos the use of more words than are necessary considers a doubling up in real time. Often the sheer volume of people in the city requires a repetition of information just in order to reach the constant flow of those passing through.

St Pauls architecture provides a peaceful interior that allows time and space for that repetition to reverberate and slow so there is time to digest the city’s constant flow of information…

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