Waterfall Bookcase


Waterfall bookcase concept abstract & design – in which the listed bookshelves are presented as containing a set of filmed sequences so that the bookshelves appear to fill up with water. Visually this would appear so that the water pours in filling up one bookshelf then another and another.

The concept sequences are as follows:
One of the cases has shelves filling from the bottom up representing the rising sea level from global warming. The water pours in from the top making the rising water like a waterfall at a beauty spot (for snapping selfies as tourist spectacle), belying the truth about the dangers of global warming.
In a second case, various things are animated floating around in the water; culturally related objects in one sequence. In a second sequence, words from the languages of the many islands and cultures that were colonised late and given independence from colonialism in the 1960s for the oral tradition that historically predominated in the Pacific Islands.
In a third sequence, coral is growing and beautiful but gradually appears bleaching and the life within it dies off this is based on the news this year that the Great Barrier Reef is 93% bleached after being removed from the world heritage site endangered list not much more than a year ago. This might be played in reverse as scientists look at possibilities that might reverse the process.

Summary of film /animation sequences for Waterfall Bookcases-
• filling from bottom up (rising water levels due global warming/also tourist economy – people travel to waterfall)
• floating objects – colonial artefacts cultural souvenirs animation,
• filling from top down (pouring in) with language fragments floating
• coral bleaching, waving corals, colour changing from dead hard coral to living coral reef mass